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Library Management Tips That Work (ALA Guides for the Busy Librarian)

Lorette S.J. Weldon was one of the co-authors of this book.

Her chapters are the following:  

  • Chapter 13, Collaboration for Library Collection Acquisition. p. 44-46.  This "How-To" chapter can help you develop an acquisitions program that feeds documents and other items into a library collection.  Through carefully defined teamwork and collaboration within the library's staff and with other organizations, this method convenes different groups and individuals for information exchange, identifies the big issues, and provides valuable, different perspectives on them.
  • Chapter 27, Putting Missing pieces from the Collection Together with SharePoint.  p. 92-99.    I have found through the years that communication is key to running a successful collection. The best approach for the communication is to use a tool that many information professionals would be familiar with- and that would be social media sites.  As a manager of a special collection, I figured out how to design a Microsoft SharePoint site to capture and classify tacit knowledge pertinent to the subject areas of the collection. This "how- to" chapter shows you how to create such a site without coding...

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