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Research and Social Networking: A New Approach to Research through an Online Oral Tradition

Conducting research often results in print and electronic text. It would be great to get the inside feelings of the authors and researchers. Sometimes it is hard to get an interview because of conflicting schedules. How about using oral tradition and getting to the heart of research by hearing it from the researchers through social networking? By using the podcasting method and an online learning community based on the Microsoft (MS) SharePoint platform, researchers can share their experiences and collaborate on best practices for past, current, and ongoing research. This book will give examples of some higher educational institutions that are using the podcast, a social media tool, to increase awareness and collaboration of scholarly thought between higher educational representatives and students within an online oral academic learning community (OOALC). Could the OOALC be the Wikipedia of your work environment only for staff with the ability to be interactive through the podcasting method?

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